Rodriguez Rides With Warriors

Trail Ride from Laredo to Houston for Wounded Warrior awareness.

Johnny Rodriguez Rides With Warriors

Johnny Rodriguez will soon embark on a new adventure, something he has thought about and wanted to do for many years. Johnny will leave Laredo, TX bound for Houston, TX. What makes this adventure noteworthy is the fact that Johnny will be riding horseback. Due to many requests from people who go to school throughout the school year; Johnny has decided that the Trail Ride will be shortly after school is out. SO STAY IN TOUCH FOR MORE INFORMATION!

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Across South Texas

First of its kind, 30 day music tour on horseback dedicated to the wounded warriors!
wounded warrior
"Wounded Warrior Project."
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The first original horseback tour!

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The fisrt original horseback tour!

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The fisrt original horseback tour!

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Nightly concerts on the Trail! The fisrt original horseback tour!

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